Conbird, the Romania specialist

Romania is a country that is currently developing very fast, particularly due to its future in the European market. Romania offers interesting prospects for both West European companies and private persons. Investments in real estate and industry result in excellent profits.

Conbird is specialized in real estate development in Romania. Conbird has been active in Romania since 1996 and mainly in the region of Brasov. We can be of valuable help to organisations that wish to set up business in Romania.

Conbird is an organisation with branches in both The Netherlands and Romania. The Romanian office in Brasov operates under Dutch management. Our staff has acquired a wealth of experience on Romanian business life over the years and has connections with civil servants and government bodies. This makes Conbird a reliable partner.

The office of Conbird is located in Brasov, economically one of the most developed regions of Romania. 

Conbird’s strength: efficiency, expertise and commitment!